Termite Baiting
& Treatment

Did you know that in Australia, termites cause up to $100 Million worth of damage each year?

Termites are a dangerous and costly infestation to manage. The scary fact is, in Australia there are 40 species of termites that are known to cause damage to homes which means if your home or business has any timber wall or roof framing, fixtures or furnishing, your home may be at risk. The only way to ensure your home or business is completely protected from termites is to ensure a full treatment and preventative measures are put in place, and ensure you maintain them. Leading Pest Management have a range of services aimed at total termite eradication, so you can rest assured your home is protected from potential costly effects of termites.

When a Leading Pest Management technician arrives at your business, you know a certified pest management professional will deliver a thorough property inspection and treatments, as well as ongoing pest control service and maintenance. We are dedicated to delivering a proven, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for any pest problem.

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